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State Recovery Act Website:

Utah's state Recovery Act website scored 0 out of 100 possible points (ranking a tied 50th) on Good Jobs First's 51-state study of state stimulus websites entitled Show Us the Stimulus. The state failed to earn any points by neglecting to disclose program allocations, any kind of geographic distribution of Recovery Act funds, how those funds were distributed with regard to economic distress indicators, or report any job creation data. Contractor information: none.

Utah scored more points-30 out of 100 (ranking a tied 35th)-on its disclosure of information specifically about highway projects funded by the Recovery Act.  The state's transportation data score was boosted by its descriptions of ARRA highway projects on a map displayed here. Contractor information: none.

For detailed scoring information, see the Utah appendix of Show Us the Stimulus.

Coordination & Oversight

The state has not publicized a specific Recovery Act plan, nor has it clarified the decision-making procedure. Gov. Huntsman has not made any especially public efforts to brand stimulus spending with his name or the Governor's Office in general.

Utah's stimulus czar is the State Planning Coordinator Mike Mower. He is responsible for tracking the use of the funds.

Policy Debates

Gov. Huntsman, a Republican, strongly defended his acceptance of federal stimulus funds and attacked his own party for "gratuitous political griping" over the ARRA. The Governor has even broached the idea of increasing taxes in Utah to deal with the state's budget shortfall.

The state legislature tackled their budget shortfall in an extended legislative session but reconvened for a special session on May 20th to pass a technical fix to an education bill that will allow the state to begin using ARRA funds immediately. Other measures also related to the Recovery Act will be under consideration during this session.

HB 428 will determine the outcome of the state's eligibility to accept unemployment insurance modernization funds from the ARRA. This bill will likely be heard during another special session of the legislature in July.

Last updated on: 25 August, 2009

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