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New Hampshire

State Recovery Act Website:

New Hampshire's state Recovery Act website scored 38 out of 100 possible points (ranking 13th) on Good Jobs First's 51-state study of state stimulus websites entitled Show Us the Stimulus. The score reflects the inclusion of descriptions of projects and contracts, names of contractors and how much they were awarded, projected duration of the project, a centralized website with clear links to relevant state agency websites, and current data. Contractor information: available here.

New Hampshire scored modestly better-48 out of 100 (ranking 14th)-on its disclosure of information specifically about highway projects funded by the Recovery Act.  The state's transportation data score was bolstered by including descriptions of projects, contractor award amounts and names, listing the number of actual jobs created by each highway project, how far along the project is, and an indication that the information had been updated within the last month. Contractor information: available here.

For detailed scoring information, see the New Hampshire appendix of Show Us the Stimulus.

Coordination & Oversight

Deputy Attorney General Orville "Bud" Fitch was named the Director of the Office of Economic Stimulus. His job is to make sure that various state agencies coordinate their efforts and comply with Federal rules.

The Governor and the Executive Council are in charge of approving stimulus-funded projects.

Policy Debates

Gov. Lynch accepted the 13-week unemployment benefits extension possible by the federal stimulus funds.

The State Senate approved a plan to hire a broadband director. The position will be paid for with grants or federal money, including stimulus money. The bill is currently in the Senate Finance Committee for review.

Last updated on: 14 October, 2009

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Median Household Income:

Unemployment Rate:

Poverty Rate:

Estimated Recovery Act Funding:
$855 million


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