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State Recovery Act Website:

Hawaii's state Recovery Act website scored 20 out of 100 possible points (ranking 28th) on Good Jobs First's 51-state study of state stimulus websites entitled Show Us the Stimulus. The state earned a below average score by only mapping the projects, detailing allocations by programs, describing the projects undertaken, and highlighting the information on a centralized website with clear links. Contractor information: none.

Hawaii scored lower-15 out of 100 (ranking 46th)-on its disclosure of information specifically about highway projects funded by the Recovery Act.  The state's transportation data score was hindered by only including a map showing the location of each project and a brief description of the project. Contractor information: added on August 12th, 2009, available here.

For detailed scoring information, see the Hawaii appendix of Show Us the Stimulus.

Coordination & Oversight

The website does not indicate who will be the point person to oversee the stimulus funds, and Stateline has no one listed, but the Council of State Governments reports that"Barry Fukunaga, the governor's chief of staff, has been put in charge of coordinating the stimulus fund dispersal. The governor has formed a committee to decide where the money will go, and Fukunaga heads the committee. The committee will include representatives from various departments."

Policy Debates

Senate Bill 947 was introduced in January with the intention "to conform Hawaii's unemployment insurance law to federal law to ensure uniform application to all state unemployment insurance experience rating transfers for employers," and eventually signed into law by Gov. Lingle on April 30.

Controversy arose over the Governor's plan to accept stimulus funds for education and then cut the same amount from the state's general fund to distribute to other programs to make up for the state's significant budget shortfall. U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan warned states that misuse of stimulus funds in this way will jeopardize future stimulus payments. This plan was dropped after the legislature refused to cooperate.

Last updated on: 7 October, 2009

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Estimated Recovery Act Funding:
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