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Recovery Act Info Center

States for a Transparent and Accountable Recovery (STAR Coalition) was created to help state and local organizations mobilize to ensure that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is implemented in a way that is transparent, accountable, fair and effective. One way that the STAR Coalition will assist in this effort is to provide activist groups material that helps them understand the ARRA and the issues surrounding this unprecedented use of government funds.

The Recovery Act Info Center is the key vehicle for distributing this information. This website, which is coordinated by Good Jobs First with the assistance of state allies, will give activists information on what is happening on ARRA issues both in their own state and across the country. Here is a summary of what we have posted so far:

ARRA accountability profiles of each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. These web pages contain:

  • An evaluation of the state's Recovery Act website, especially with regard to disclosure of contractor information.
  • Details on the oversight policies and structures that have been adopted for recovery spending.
  • A synopsis of policy debates on ARRA issues that have been occurring in the state.
  • Key data such as the total amount of ARRA funding the state is expected to receive.
  • Listings of watchdog organizations and their ARRA publications and other resources.

The site also includes:

A review of ARRA transparency issues, including a rundown of the various players in the Administration, Congress and the non-profit sector that are helping shape policy in this area.

A description of national ARRA funding streams overall and in key areas such:

An extensive collection  of ARRA-related weblinks and resources, including hard-to-find items such as Congressional Research Service reports

An overview of the ARRA websites that have been launched by the nation's largest cities.

The STAR website will be expanded later this year once a significant amount of contractor and grantee data becomes available from the federal government. Currently, only a handful of states have any such information on their recovery websites.

For an evaluation of state government ARRA websites, see the January 2010 report Show Us the Stimulus (Again) produced by Good Jobs First.